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 Dear Parishioners,

We are giving you the parishioners of Holy Rosary an update as to where we are in the rebuild of Holy Rosary from a financial position as well as our general financial condition in regards to income and expenditures. Although we have started to receive insurance proceeds for the rebuild of the buildings on our campus, our exact cost numbers verses insurance proceeds are not yet certain.  Based upon the costs we have incurred to date and insurance proceeds received to date as well as estimates of costs to complete the job and insurance proceeds expected, we are very hopeful that Holy Rosary will have minimal debt to finance (if any at all) as a result of the flood.

One key decision that we had to make was in reference to the rectory.  The rebuild of the old rectory was deemed cost prohibitive.  So plans to pursue the purchase of a modest house nearby to serve as the future rectory are being made. Hopefully this cost will be covered by insurance proceeds as well as grants from the diocese. Any excess costs for this project can be funded by donations already received or a portion of the festival proceeds. No decision has been made yet with regards to use of the old rectory.

Our present financial condition is holding steady in large part due to those who are able to continue their regular church contributions, donations received from those outside of our community and festival proceeds. We are very grateful for our hard working festival workers and those who continue to be generous with their donations-without them we would be in a much more difficult situation. Why? Because our collections have dropped off about 20% as compared to July through November 2015.  Building fund collections for the same period are also down around 40%. Although understandable due to the dire situation in our community, we are hopeful that things will turn around for parishioners as well as our church. We are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to reducing expenses.

On a personal note, I want to tell you how impressed I am at the resiliency and determination of the people of Holy Rosary. It’s a testament to your faith and I am truly inspired. Let us all pray that God will restore the homes and lives of everyone here in St. Amant and that this community will return to a better sense of normalcy.

Peace and blessings,

Deacon John



Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Church Campus Flood 2016

Flood 2016

Holy Rosary Catholic Church

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Holy Rosary sends prayer cards to those in need of healing, sympathy, encouragement, welcome, or congratulations. When you know of someone who is sick, has experienced the death of a loved one, perhaps loss of a job, or having a difficult time, etc., please contact Sarah Thomas at or text to 225-715-3313 with their name, address, and prayer intention so that we may reach out to that person or family in their time of need.



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