3G (9th-12th)

God 1st, Others 2nd, and I am 3rd- AKA "3G" 

This is a ministry for teens in grades 9th -12th. Our mission is to proclaim God's word, to

serve in God's Kingdom, and to teach God's message. There are many ways to get



**NEW** Youth on Fire:

This new youth group was formed as a way for the youth of Holy Rosary to share their

ideas and express their needs concerning religious formation. The goal of this

group is to give the youth an opportunity to become leaders within the parish by

planning activities, choosing topics of discussion, and mentoring to the younger

students. Youth on Fire will meet once a month starting in August 2017 and will be

using the program LIFETEEN.


Parish and Community Service Projects: 

Throughout the year, the teens serve our church parish and community through various projects.

For example, we visit Azalea Assisted Living Facility to visit with the elderly (pictured below).

We also make several trips each year to the Soup Kitchens at St. Vincent de Paul & St. Agnes

(pictured below) to serve lunch to those in need. Through these and various other service

projects, youth learn to be the hands and feet of Christ through serving others in Love.

 azalea  soup kitchen

Retreats and Conferences: 

We participate in numerous conferences and retreats throughout the year, including

Steubenville on the Bayou, World Youth Day, Abbey Youth Fest (pictured below), and March for Life in Washington, DC.

 Steubenville on the Bayou         Good Friday Pilgrimage Walk 


Young Adults (Recently Graduated Teens) are invited to continue to participate in Parish and Community Service Projects. Young adults may also serve as ministry leaders for retreats, conferences, and other youth gatherings. Please click the Donate link to view all our volunteer opportunities.

Contact Us

Brandi Klibert

Youth Ministry Coordinator


(225) 647-3696