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The parish of Holy Rosary is very happy to learn of your plans for marriage.  There have been Saints in the history of the Church who grew in their relationship with Jesus Christ through the Sacrament of Marriage and we pray that your Marriage becomes a bridge for you to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our Church desires to walk with you towards eternity as you prepare to make vows to each other before God and our community.

                Marriage in the Church is a Sacrament.  The love manifested between the Bride and the Bridegroom are meant to be a living image of the Love that Jesus Christ revealed to the Church on the Cross:  Free, Total, Faithful, and Fruitful.

                In order to begin your marriage preparation, please complete the enclosed application and return it with the appropriate wedding fee paid in full to Holy Rosary Church.  We will then call you for an initial appointment.

                Here is a brief overview of the preparation program for marriage at Holy Rosary Church:


  1. The couple first meets with the priest or deacon to begin the preparation. Following the first meeting, the couple will receive an email from Holy Rosary inviting them to participate in the Focus Marriage Preparation Program.
  2. The couple then meets with their sponsor couple assigned to them by the parish sponsor couple coordinator.
  3. The couple attends an introductory course in Natural Family Planning. This course is facilitated by Brandi Klibert, RN-FCPI and the cost is incurred by the couple.  You may contact Brandi at or 225-647-3696 to register or for information.
  4. The couple attends an Engaged Encounter weekend or Life Choice and returns a copy of the certificate to Holy Rosary.
  5. The couple then meets with the priest or deacon to discuss their Focus test, Couple to Couple experience, Engaged Encounter Weekend or Life Choice experience, Natural Family Planning presentation, and begin planning the rehearsal and wedding ceremony. The tentative marriage date is now finalized. 
  6. Rehearsals will be conducted by the wedding coordinator.
  7. Weddings should be scheduled on Friday nights and Saturday mornings no later than noon.


Enclosed with this letter is a brief overview of the marriage preparation policy of the Diocese of Baton Rouge and some frequently asked questions dealing with the marriage liturgy.  At the first meeting, we will be happy to discuss any of these points with you.  We are also including information about Engaged Encounter Weekend or Life Choice.  At our initial meeting, we will have ready for you more information about preparing for your wedding.

It is a delight to know of your desire to marry within our Catholic community.  We who work in marriage preparation wish to be of service to you at this special time.  Please know that we are praying for you that you become Great Saints as you continue to walk towards eternity through the Sacrament of Matrimony.


If you anticipate or expect to have a priest or deacon other than the priest or deacon from Holy Rosary Parish perform the wedding ceremony, please inform the staff when you turn in your marriage application.  The priest or deacon outside of Holy Rosary Parish but in the Diocese of Baton Rouge will need to receive permission from the Pastor to witness the vows and if he is a priest or deacon from another Diocese, he will need to receive delegation from the Chancery in the Diocese of Baton Rouge.


If you have any questions before you return your completed marriage application, please do not hesitate to call the Parish Office at 647-5321.