January 26, 2019-Prison Ministry Training

Jan 17, 2019

Prison Ministry Training


Saturday, January 26, 2019  


South Baton Rouge Church of Christ; 8725 Jefferson Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA    The parking lot is in the back of the church. This is past Drusilla on the right when coming from Airline Hwy. 


I would get there at around 8:15am to fill out paperwork. Class is from 9am till 11am. 


Information you will need:


       The group you are with is Catholic Charities.   The person that runs this is Joan Chapman and her numbers are 225-642-5618 (h); 225-505-8535 (c) and the place you go is Elayn Hunt Facility.  But I would also put the Women’s Prison also. 

       You will need your drivers license and social security number. 


What to expect:


This is informal but very casual church attire is appropriate. We are going into a house of worship. But they do bring coffee and water into the church. You will fill out paper work. Then you will listen to a class about being in prison ministry. How to conduct yourself. The clothing you are to wear and not wear on prison visits. For instance, you are not to wear jeans. And you must wear closed toe shoes. Nothing at all revealing or form fitting. I go a step further. Inmates wear denim, all white and light blue shirts sometimes t-shirts. I do not wear those colors or styles. I will not wear all navy, guards wear that. You want to differentiate yourself as much as possible from inmates and guards. So I sort of have my own uniform, khaki pants and black or other color shirts. But of course you will have to come up with your own style. No athletic sweat pants, yoga pants or tights. Being fashionable going to prison is not needed. In fact, the opposite is better. You cannot bring anything in the prison, you must leave all of it in your locked car. If you conceal carry, do not bring that in your car. No drugs, nothing. They do not play there. The training is serious, but you will find yourself laughing at something funny. Or laughing in disbelief. 


These people are prisoners. They deserve respect as human beings and to help show them the way to redemption. Some of them will show you the way. But do not take anything from them or buy anything from them. Do not ask them about their convictions unless they offer up to share. On ministry nights, Thursdays from 6-8pm. We go around and greet the inmates. We sit in a circle. We read the upcoming readings for that Sunday. Then we read out of a book that connects to the readings and propose questions to us. Then we go around the room and share using those questions as a guide. 


This is very rewarding. 


Tim Babin

Sharon Turner