Religious Education

Beginning this week we will return to the traffic flow used last year.

Drop-off: Enter at the bridge across from church, drop-off will be at the covered drive in the front parking lot, and exit by way of the new bridge at Village Road.

Pick-up:Follow the same traffic flow as drop-off. Enter the bridge across from the church, park, and exit by way of the new bridge at Village Road.

1st-6th graders: Parents will need to park and come inside to pick-up their child/ren at the classroom.

7th & 8th graders: Student may meet their parents in the parking lot or near the classroom of their sibling.

Thank you again to all who helped last week. 

Registration for 2018-19 Religious Education

Please click here to complete online registration, also see below for changes to Religious Education program.

Deadline for registration-July 23rd, a late fee of $15.00 will be assessed after the deadline. If your financial situation prohibits you from paying tuition fees, please call our office at 647-3696. 

The Religious Education Department needs you!!   

Are you looking for a way to share your faith, time and talents with others? Volunteers are needed as catechists, classroom assistants, substitute catechists, sacramental preparation. You don’t have to have a child in our program to volunteer. We encourage all adults to prayerfully consider whether this ministry is right for you!  If interested, please contact the Religious Education Department  office at 647-3696 or email Jamie at


2018-2019 Religious Education Schedules:

High School

Sunday Family Faith Formation

Wednesday 1st Session

Wednesday 2nd Session


Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
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Text HRCC1 to 555888
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Text HRCC2 to 555888
Download the app from the App Store
After downloading the App, press the three
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Contact Us

Wendy Enloe
Director of Religious Education

Jamie Lambert
Asst. Director of Religious Education

Rachelle Delatte
Comm. Specialist & Office Assistant

Telephone: 225-647-3696
Fax: 225-647-5322


Program Descriptions


What is Family Faith Formation?

Parents and students attend together one Sunday/month for group activities, students lessons with a catechist, and parent sessions. Remaining weeks students will use Pflaum Gospel lessons at home with their parents. September-March.  

What is Wednesday Series?

Students attend in classroom setting with a catechist weekly using Pflaum Gospel Weeklies. Lessons follow Sunday Gospels to teach about Jesus and the Catholic faith. Parents are encouraged to attend an adult study while students are in class.


What are St. Peter, St. Paul and Acts Studies for High School?

Groups of 8-10 students gather in the leader's home or at church to pray with scripture focusing on the apostle St. Peter. Groups meet weekly for 1-1/2 hours for 8 weeks. New studies will be introduced focusing on St. Paul and Acts.

What are Encounter Nights?

Praise and Worship service with guest speakers and Adoration held on Sunday nights. High School Students are required to attend. Adults and Young Adults are encouraged to attend with their child and invite friends and family.

What is Chosen?

Chosen is the high school series by Ascension Press currently being used in the 9th and 10th grade classes. As we develop the new Bible Studies for high school, videos from the chosen program and others will be used to enhance the programs. 







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